Crunchy Salmon Rice Bowl

Crunchy Salmon Rice Bowl



Some recipes might call this Salmon Takikomi Gohan which basically translates to Salmon cooked with Rice! It's a really simple recipe, great for lunch as well. Don't forget the toppings (below)

Variations I made:
* I use Sushi white rice instead of brown
* I replaced button mushrooms for shiitakes
* I use Salmon with the skin on, but simply remove it once it is done cooking
* I add ginger
* Some recipes recommend Hondashi, but I thought it made the dish too fishy
* About 2 hours before cooking, I marinate the salmon in sake and salt with Kosher salt. This helps remove any fishy taste.

The best part are the toppings which makes this taste like a Sushi bowl. When I serve, I top with:
* sliced green onions
* toasted sesame seeds
* dollop of sauce: 1/3 mayo, 1/3 non-fat Greek yogurt, a few dashes of soy sauce, sriracha
* toasted panko crumbs: flavored with powdered garlic, ginger, salt, pepper
* sliced avocado

If you made this recipe, please let us know!

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Date Added: 11/19/2022